Who am I?


RESEARCH INTERESTS, among others, include:  Ethics, Creativity in  Problem-based Interventions, Global Sustainability Programming, and Futuristics.

---Personal life assessment and planning, wholistic health,  crisis intervention, aging, ethics. ---Career/professional development, work environments, networking, stress management, artistic foundations of education.
---Groups, life/health support groups, conflict management, community-wellness development, cross cultural values, work place diversity.
---Communication, counseling, teaching, lateral brain traits, creativity.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin), 1978, Community/Organizational Development, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA. Dissertation/Project: Community Trust Building: Problems and Prospects among the Blackfeet Indians of Browning, Montana, 1977-1978. Confer: "Beyond Despair." (1976.) By Robert Theobald: Uses Problem-Possibility Networks, Focuser (News Letter).

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 1984, Counseling/Psychology/Mind Science, Golden State University, San Diego, CA: Dissertation: An Operational Theory of  Wellness: A Diverse Dimensional Perspective with an Integrated/Multi-Faceted Model. 

 Aaron Lee Givan, PhD—Attributes: Persuasive, trusting, influential, visual, holistic, creative, synthesizer, intuitor, flexible; independent, risking, people oriented, articulate, decisive, effective, enterprising, artistic; theoretical thinker, friendly, delegates well, works well under pressure, close attention to detail and continuity, sense of humor, excellent communication and people skills. 

AARON GIVAN, Ph.D.: Progressive higher education practitioner with extensive personal and professional development and online teaching and administrative experience in business, face-to-face education, and online education settings. Over twenty years experience in higher education—highlights include: hiring and team building for curriculum-and-teaching online faculty; creating, monitoring, and adapting online class syllabi for multiple specialties and institutions, including research methods and design; and acting as doctoral chair/reader. I am receptive to receiving proposals or invitations for online initiatives, projects, or services.

Aaron Lee Givan, Ph.D.
Consultant and Educator
Mail: P. O. Box 318 123-125 Foussard Street, SE St. John, ND 58369-0318
FEDEX/UPS: 401 First Street, NE Rolla, ND, 58367
VOICE: (701) 477-5455 with ANSWER PHONE